You know you need help getting the work done. But if you don’t know about all of the legal requirements that come along with workers, then Farm Commons is here to help!

Start with our Farm Employment Law Basics (1pg), a handy list of the top ten things farmers need to know about employment law.This resource is available to everyone, and will direct you to more detailed resources on the issues relevant to your farm, which are available to members.

One of the most important things a farm can do during the planning stages is to build an accurate understanding of the cost of taking on a worker. Get the state-specific information you need on the detailed issues of minimum wage, overtime, workers’ compensation, payroll tax, classification, and more in our Selected Essentials in Farm Employment Law (10pgs) resource for your state. You’ll walk away knowing your specific obligations so you can plan accordingly.

Farmers looking to start off on the best possible foot will find everything they need in our Advanced Employment Law Course, an online, comprehensive experience that helps farmers understand and apply farm employment law to their specific situations.

Thinking about hiring interns, apprentices, or volunteers? Before you sink time and effort into designing your program, look through our Farmers’ Legal Guide to Intern and Apprentice Programs (90pgs) to be sure you understand the legal nature of these opportunities.

Our Selected Essentials in Farm Employment Law resources as well as our Advanced Employment Law course guide you to the in-depth material you need to build a resilient workforce strategy. Or, browse our many employment law pathways to get straight to the issue that’s on your mind. You can also subscribe to our podcast for the latest details from our education staff.