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Agriculture professionals: Are the farmers and ranchers you work with asking you tough legal questions? Do you wish you knew how to get them answers?

Those answers aren’t always easy, even when it’s your job to help find them. Guiding Resilience is a legal workshop designed just for extension agents, nonprofit professionals, lenders, advocates, business advisors, and other agricultural service providers. This workshop empowers you to guide farmers and ranchers towards resolutions for their legal vulnerabilities. You will walk away from this five-session, highly interactive, and in-depth workshop ready to help farmers move forward from legal questions with confidence. Plus, you’ll have a new network of agriculture professionals to connect with on legal and other important topics.

Master the 10 legal best practices in 5 core areas of farm law:

Including Business Structures, Insurance, Employment Law, Land Leasing and Purchasing, & Diversification (value-added and agritourism)

Find out how to answer your farmers’ and ranchers’ most pressing questions

Almost all farmers are wondering about the same key legal questions. Be there for them when they ask.
How do I write an effective lease?
Should I form an LLC, S corporation, or neither?
What about hosting interns or working with volunteers; is that legal?
How should I manage the risks of guests getting injured when they visit my operation?
And more!

Become your community’s go-to for practical farm law guidance:

Learn the keys to legal resilience, engage with your peers, and tackle real-life questions in 5 weekly online meetings (120 minutes each) led by legal experts.
Build legal competence and confidence with guided discovery between weekly course meetings, including videos and online content.
Share your questions, referrals, tips, strategies, and more with other agriculture professionals like farmers and extension agents on our social platform: the Community Commons.
Learn tools for effective communication to be a great advocate for farmers and ranchers in your community.


You are a farm service provider or educator
You have internet access able to sustain an online meeting with video
You are available at the scheduled workshop meeting times (see meeting times below)

Here is what past participants have to say about Guiding Resilience:

Nonprofit employee in California
"Thank you for hosting the Guiding Resilience course. It has been a truly valuable class. You have done a great job at keeping virtual (adult) education exciting, engaging and easy to follow. I have especially enjoyed the way you walk through scenarios to keep us analytical and working through problems/solutions."
An Extension agent in Indiana
"Go to every land grant university and present this info to their extension services!"