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The United States Supreme Court tips balance between CA farm workers’ rights to organize and private property.

On June 23rd, the United States Supreme Court shifted the balance of power between those organizing farm workers and those asserting private property rights.

Northwestern states adopt emergency rules to protect workers from heat-related injuries

Heat is no joke for those who work outside, and this summer’s heat wave has made it not just uncomfortable but downright dangerous. As estimated 119 people in…

Colorado passes Farmworker Bill of Rights

At the end of June, Colorado’s governor, Jared Polis, signed into law Senate Bill 87, knows as the Farmworker Bill of Rights. In a country where around 83%

Backyard Farm pays out $337,000 of back wages

Can you imagine if you suddenly had to come up with $337,000 to pay back wages and fines? This is what one farm in Maine is facing. Although we aren’t privy to…

BIPOC farmers loan forgiveness program sits stalled in litigation

In March, Congress unveiled its American Rescue Plan Act, and along with many COVID-related relief programs was a promise to help redress America’s sordid…