What do we owe our neighbors?

Right-to-Farm bills aim to protect farms from non-farming neighbors intolerant of reasonable farm-related smells and noises. However, recent changes in some…

Is California telling out-of-state farmers how to raise their hogs?

If citizens in one state pass restrictive livestock production rules, does that unfairly dictate to farmers in other states how they must raise their animals?

The high cost of skipping lunch

Especially on harvest days, farmwork seems never to end, and time can be in short supply. Sometimes, farm owners can be tempted to skip rest periods or rush…

Farm Commons Welcomes Three New Staff and Appoints Eva Moss to Lead Educational Programming

(May 2022) Farm Commons is pleased to announce the addition of three new staff and one promotion to support the non-profit’s commitment to empowering…

Two farms recently ordered to pay $240k for H-2A worker violations

Department of Labor has recently ordered two farms to pay a collective $240,674 in back wages and civil money penalties for H-2A worker violations.

Mistakes in cooperative structure can lead to severe consequences

The historic agricultural cooperative statute Capper-Volstead, now a century old, has recently enjoyed some rare time in legal news headlines. In January…

Debating the meaning of “pure”

If you picked up a bottle of honey and saw “pure” on the label, would you assume that word means the honey is free of even trace levels of pesticide?

Outlawing the short-handled hoe

Banning the short-handled hoe was part of the recently enacted Colorado Farmworker Bill of Rights.

Texas farm fined $1.3 million for failing to pay overtime

A farm in Texas relied on agricultural exemption from overtime wage requirements and is now having to pay $1.3 million in back wages. Workers in the warehouse…

What to expect for the 2022 avian flu

As the COVID pandemic ebbs, another outbreak starts to flow into our bird populations. A highly pathogenic avian flu is spreading through commercial and…