Fellows are the heart of Farm Commons. Our fellows are community members who recognize that each of us has something valuable to give and receive when building our collective resilience around farm business law. Everyone has a role to play, which is why we have two distinct Fellowships. Together, these programs catalyze the sharing of knowledge, wisdom, and support to farmers nationwide. Which program is right for you? Learn more below.

Legal Ecosystem Fellowship

Foster the resilience of your community by building your capacity to host farm law education experiences
For agricultural educators and service providers who want to boost their community's agricultural law knowledge
Learn to lead five different programs on agricultural legal issues
Six session fellowship that launches in summer and ends in late autumn, so you're ready to go for the winter conference season!
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Collaborative Learning Fellowship

Support your peers by telling stories of your own wisdom and experience addressing legal resilience on your farm or ranch
For farmers and ranchers interested in building authentic leadership through their own experiences
Develop your story of addressing farm law issues like land leasing, cooperative ownership, food safety, and more with the support of your peers
8-session fellowship that launches in January and ends in November with a break in the busy summer season
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