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Whether you are launching, growing, or transitioning an agricultural business or supporting those who do, Farm Commons is your home for legal resources and community support.

Farmers and Ranchers

Create resilience for the agricultural business of your dreams by connecting with the tools you need and the peers you trust through Farm Commons.
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Farm Service Providers, Nonprofit & University Employees

Make an impact in your community with an expansive toolbox of legal education resources and curricula through Farm Commons.
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Attorneys and Legal Professionals

Serve the agricultural community with meaning and purpose by connecting with the tools and people you need to make a difference.
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Build knowledge and skills in our online, interactive workshops.

Exclusively for farmers and ranchers, Discovering Resilience delivers the knowledge and skills you need to resolve key legal vulnerabilities on your farm within a collaborative, interactive community of peers. For our service providers, Guiding Resilience develops your unique capacity to show farmers and ranchers a pathway to resolve legal vulnerabilities while networking with peers.
Commons Community

Learn from your peers in our online community

Connect with those who understand your individual needs and solutions the best- your peers. The Commons Community is where we ask questions, share wisdom, and discuss experiences as we create legal resilience, together.
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Farm Law Library

Get answers to your questions with our farm law library

Our extensive resource library answers vital questions with the straightforward, action-oriented approach communities need to move forward. Our articles, books, tipsheets, and models empower producers to reduce risk and leverage opportunity in an ever-changing environment. Especially when it comes to our most innovative, sustainable, and locally-based farm operations, we have answers.
Farm Law Library
Lisa Kivirist
Inn Serendipity Farm and B&B
Author, Soil Sisters: A Toolkit for Women Farmers
Like most farmers, I find the world of legal issues can be quite intimidating and overwhelming.
Fortunately, Farm Commons takes complex issues and creates resources and tools that go beyond breaking down the complexity, reading them feels like you are sitting around the kitchen table over a cup of coffee talking to a smart friend. I love how their approach is that we're all on a learning journey together and that many legal issues are truly grey with no definitive right or wrong answer. Instead of just telling you what to do, Farm Commons provides the information and right questions to ask so you can make the best decision for you and your farm business.

Producers: Get full access to our entire library of tip sheets, in-depth guides, models, and checklists for 14 days.

Farmers and Ranchers: Want to see what a Farm Commons membership has to offer? Sign up and you’ll get full access to our entire resource library for 14 days. A credit card is required, but you can cancel at any time. That’s all of our tip sheets, in-depth guides, models, checklists, and more. Go ahead and start answering your farm law questions right away with our extensive set of resources!

Educators, non-profit professionals, and agricultural support persons: Your membership offers special benefits not possible through a free trial so instead, we encourage you to reach out with any questions, to learn more about our workshop offerings, or to get a free preview copy of any of our resources! We’re eager to talk with you.