Develop your own story about why and how you've addressed business law issues in your operation
Build your confidence to share your hard-earned wisdom with others through a video or podcast episode on our channels

The Collaborative Learning Fellowship is not open for applications at this time. Please check back in fall of 2023 for more information!

“Participating in the Farm Commons 2022 Fellowship and meeting with my peers has been an uplifting and generous opportunity for myself and my farm.
I am a better leader for it and most importantly the Farm is better positioned to continue supporting and nourishing our community for years to come.”
2022 Farmer Fellow
“This peer-based model has provided invaluable support and insights from farmers that are navigating similar legal decision-making within their own businesses”
2022 Farmer Fellow
“I gained leadership training and skills that have allowed me to become a better mentor and presenter within my farming community”