Farmers and ranchers: Are you ready to strengthen your employment program? Do you want to create systems that will manage your employment law obligations now and into the future?

These may feel like big questions, but the exciting news is that you have the creative power to get a handle on your minimum wage, overtime, and workers’ compensation obligations while creating fair and equitable management systems on the farm. You can do all of this and more, and this course is designed to help you do it.

This advanced course empowers farmers and ranchers with the legal knowledge and skills you need to take your employment program to the next level. You will walk away from this five-lesson, multi-media, and producer-focused course having taken action in the areas of:

  1. Hiring and firing
  2. Classifying workers on the farm
  3. Minimum wage and overtime rules
  4. Workers’ compensation and payroll obligations
  5. Paying in-kind wages in the form of products, housing, and transportation

Discover the best practices in farm employment law

Including how to write safe job descriptions, interview questions, and screening criteria, as well as a comprehensive employee handbook, and so much more!

Answer key legal questions for your farm or ranch:

  • Is my hiring process discriminatory?
  • Is it legal to have interns or volunteers on my farm?
  • Am I required to pay overtime?
  • How do I manage the risks of worker injuries?
  • Is it legal to pay workers with vegetables and housing?

The most thorough farm employment law course you’ll find:

  • Take action in real-time through targeted worksheets
  • Gain crucial knowledge about your state’s employment rules.
  • Build legal competence and confidence with guided discovery through videos, guides, and online content.
  • Share your questions, referrals, tips, strategies, and more on our agriculture-focused social platform: the Commons Community.


  1. You are currently a farmer or rancher, or have a strong business plan.
  2. You have internet access that is sufficient to watch videos.


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