If you’re asking this question, you’re off to a great start. The law has very detailed opinions on what makes a worker an employee versus an independent contractor, and we call this legal subject “classification.” Running afoul of the law can leave a farmer responsible for back taxes, penalties, and more.

Our Farmers’ Guide to Classifying Workers (20pgs) starts with a detailed flowchart to accurately classify workers. We follow that up with detailed explanations of the different options. Geared to federal rules that apply to everyone, this guide is a great place to begin building resilience.

State law also has an opinion on these matters and we are building out our Selected Essentials in Farm Employment Law (10pgs) with state details.

Looking for more support and practical resources as you create a workforce wage strategy that works for your farm? Take our Advanced Employment Law Course, an online, comprehensive experience that helps farmers understand and apply farm employment law to their specific situations.

New to farm employment law, not yet a member, or looking for an overview of issues? Try our free Hiring Farm Workers Basics (6pgs), an FAQ-style resource that answers farmers’ most typical questions about hiring workers for the farm. This resource will help you discover what you didn’t realize you didn’t know. It will also direct you to more detailed resources on the issues relevant to your farm.