Year to Date: A Review of Selected Farm Labor Violations

Over the past six months, the Department of Justice charged farms nationwide with countless farm labor violations, and according to a 2020 article by The Counter, “70% of farm labor investigations end in violations.But we are here to help you manage your risk and gain peace of mind.

From knowing what breaks are required for farm employees to correctly classifying your interns and volunteers, every farm and ranch business deserves easy-to-understand farm employment law resources, and every farm and ranch employee deserves a safe place to work. That is why this fall, we will launch our Open Farm Employment Law Week, which is an entire week of free farm employment law resources and live programming where you can ask us your farm employment law questions and get solutions.

Below are a few of the farm labor enforcement actions that have occurred so far in 2023. We encourage you to read through them and share with us your questions or concerns in our Commons Community.