The Biden-Harris Plan to Build Back Better in Rural America – It’s a Long One! But Full of Promise.

Here at Farm Commons, our job is to tell you what the law is. Your job is to decide what it should be – and we point you to experts like the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) to facilitate that conversation. We do keep tabs on what’s happening in the farm law arena that could affect farm law businesses, however. You noticed we have a new president-elect and so it’s time to dive into what might happen in the coming few years.

The “Biden-Harris Plan to Build Back Better in Rural America” is our starting point. Included in this Biden-Harris Plan is a heck of a lot of farm law fodder…We especially want to point out their objective to allow heirs’ property holders to secure federal credit and participate in federal programs. Here in the Sprout, we’ve talked a few ties about heirs’ property and how it leads to farmland loss for BIPOC families, so we’ll be keeping an eye on any new developments to resolve those legal issues.

If you are interested in learning more about the Biden-Harris Plan and NSAC’s advocacy work relative to the new administration in their blog post. From a Farm Commons’ point of view, it’s heartening to see discussion of opportunities for farm businesses to thrive, when this last year has made many question if they would even survive.