Show Notes:

In this episode, we’re back with our director Rachel Armstrong for Part 5 to discuss COVID-19’s impacts on workers on the farm through diversification into farmstand sales and delivery, as well as social distancing practices.

Employment law is the gift that keeps on giving and our lively conversation covers important employment law considerations when combining other businesses’ products with your own and home delivery, which may require overtime pay and workers’ compensation. We also explain unemployment insurance as it relates to the farm, wrapping up with a response to the question – “Can I require social distancing on my farm?”

For more information on these and other employment law considerations, check out our resources Farm Employment Law: Know the Basics and Make them Work for Your Farm and Managing the Risks of Interns and Volunteers.

Disclaimer: We are working hard and fast to get information together about COVID-19 related programs to share with the farming community as quickly and accurately as possible. Please note that things are rapidly shifting during this time and what was accurate info 2 days or 2 weeks ago may not be accurate tomorrow. As such, please look for our most recent updated information on all COVID-19 issues. As always, the above communications are delivered for educational purposes only and do not constitute the rendering of legal advice.

“Podcast intro” from Royalty Free by Kevin MacLeod. Released: 2020.