Workbook roadmap

Perhaps you’ve already identified a piece of land to lease and are entering negotiations with the landowner. Or, perhaps you want to explore whether a long-term lease is a good fit for your existing or aspiring farm or ranch operation. Regardless of where you are in your leasing journey, the questions and exercises in this interactive workbook will help you clarify your vision and intentions around a long-term agricultural lease and identify the significant issues you care most about. 

This interactive workbook consists of 5 sections:

  • Foundation
  • People
  • Land
  • Term
  • Cost

We encourage you to begin with the Foundation. From there, you may proceed in any order or complete only the most relevant sections to your situation.  The completion time of each section can vary dramatically, depending on your level of engagement and detail in answering the questions.

Answer submissions. “Save & Continue” and “Submit”

At the end of each section, you will find a “Save & Continue” button and a “Submit” button. If you run out of time when working through a section, be sure to click “Save & Continue.” You will then receive an email with a link that will return you to where you left off. The link is valid for 30 days.

Once you complete a section, be sure to enter your email and click “Submit.” You will then receive your entries in your inbox. You can refer to your answers to support you during your leasing journey — including strategizing the arrangement, negotiating with the landowner, and drafting the lease agreement.

Coinciding resources

This interactive workbook is designed to coincide with resources available in the Farmland and Ranchland Leasing Collection. In particular, we highly recommend you bookmark the Long-term Agroforestry Lease Workbook to refer to it along the way for more detailed explanations of legal concepts and issues that are only briefly addressed here.


Workbook toolbox

Here we explain some the devices we use throughout the workbook to highlight an important topic or help you keep notes for upcoming conversations.