Request for Proposals: Botanical Graphic Design

Invitation to Propose

Farm Commons invites qualified professional graphic design and support companies or individual(s) to submit a proposal in accordance with this Request For Proposal (RFP). We request that proposals adhere to the format and content of this RFP.  Farm Commons’ goal in issuing this RFP and receiving proposals is to enter into an agreement with a company or individual based on the specifications outlined in this RFP and submitted proposals.


Founded in 2012, Farm Commons’ mission is to empower agricultural communities with the proactive legal resources they need to resolve their own legal vulnerabilities within an ecosystem of support. Through education, leadership development and community-based problem-solving around business law, agricultural communities become stronger and more resilient. The result is a legacy of sustainable farms and a community-based food system for everyone.

Farm Commons carries out their mission by creating and distributing books, articles, and resources online and as print material, hosting online and in-person workshops, conducting leadership training online and in-person, and providing services to our members. Farm Commons is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is supported by grants, earned revenue, and membership fees.

Since 2023, Farm Commons has been developing the Farmers’ Legal Guide to Botanical Products, a farm law guide co-created with botanical producers around the United States. Farm Commons is preparing to launch the final version of this guide in early 2024.

Farm Commons will award up to $3,600 total for a graphic designer, or graphic design firm, to collaborate with Farm Commons to provide graphic design to the new Farmers’ Legal Guide to Botanical Products (deliverables described below). Proposals are accepted through January 26, 2024, 11:59 p.m. EST. Selections will be made on or around January 28, 2024, and the project period will run from the date of contract execution (estimated February 1, 2024) through March 15, 2024. All necessary information regarding the project and application process may be found in this request for proposals (RFP). Applicants may pose individual questions to Farm Commons at any point during the application process by emailing Bonita Croyle,

Provisions and Limitations

The purpose of this RFP is to ensure maximum, open, and free competition in the solicitation of and procurement of the goods and services described here. This RFP is not to be considered as a purchase agreement or contract or as a commitment of any kind, nor does it obligate Farm Commons to award any contract or pay for costs incurred prior to the execution of a contract unless such costs are specifically authorized in writing by Farm Commons.

Farm Commons reserves the right to:

  • Accept or reject any or all proposals received, or to cancel or reissue this RFP in part or its entirety;

  • Award a contract for any goods and services in any quantity that Farm Commons determines, at its sole discretion, is in its best interest;

  • Award a contract to other than the lowest cost/priced respondent;

  • Reject any proposal that fails to confirm the essential requirements of this RFP;

  • Contact any individual or entity listed in the proposal or otherwise known to Farm Commons, who may have knowledge of the respondent’s experience, performance, and qualifications; and

  • Request additional information from any and all respondents.

Contact Information

The contact identified below is the sole point of contact regarding the RFP from the date of issuance until the selection of the successful vendor. The contact information is also the address to submit proposals.

Contact information:

Bonita Croyle

Farm Commons Communications Manager


Phone: (218) 302-4030 x130

Qualifications & Submission Information

Proposals shall be submitted to Farm Commons via email or mail before January 26, 2024. Proposals shall include the following information:

  • Business’s / individual’s  name, address, and telephone number.

  • Principal(s) of the business and their experience and qualifications.

  • Experience and qualifications of key personnel to be assigned to Farm Commons.

  • A description of the business or individual’s prior experience, including similar projects and examples.

  • Description of the approach the business or individual will use in providing the service requested, specifically the Identified Needs and Scope of Work detailed below.

  • Description why the business or individual is pursuing this work and how it is uniquely qualified to perform the services.

  • Scope of services beyond the RFP that the firm provides, as may be of interest to Farm Commons.

  • A proposed fee schedule for completion of the Scope of Work (not to exceed $3,600), in the model detailed in the Scope of Work or as desired. Provide additional documentation as necessary to help Farm Commons understand the proposed fee structure for the Scope of Work.

Scope of Work

Deliverables Farm Commons Involvement Est. Timeline
Review background information and material. Farm Commons sends style guide for review
and information about needs, including accessibility, file size, and consistency.
Week of February 1, 2024
Develop 4 icons based in our current design strategy, for a tincture bottle,
a dietary supplement label (to be developed in coordination with our Staff
Attorney), an herbal plant, and a salve container.
Share icons with Farm Commons staff and seek feedback By February 28, 2024
Develop a Microsoft Word or Google Docs-based template based on our current
design strategy that can be used to format the Farmers’ Legal Guide to Botanical
Products by the contractor and for future resources by Farm Commons. The
template must have, at a minimum: a cover page, title page with credits, header
styles, call-out box style, footer-style with pagination, and conclusion page.
Share template concept with Farm Commons and seek
By February 28, 2024
Submit final template document AND a fully formatted Farmers’ Legal Guide
to Botanical Products (40 pages) using the template provided AND utilizing the
final 4 icons developed above.
Approve receipt of 3 separate deliverables

  1. The MS or Google Docs template suitable for use by
    Farm Commons with future guides.
  2. The formatted Farmers’ Legal Guide to Botanical
    Products in MS Word or Google Docs file type.
  3. The 4 separate icons developed in .jpg and gif format.
By March 15, 2024


Please describe the fee you propose.

Selection Process and Criteria

Individuals and companies will be evaluated with equal attention to qualifications, demonstrated ability to carry out the scope of work, proposed fees and expenses, and experience working with nonprofits.

Farm Commons may request an interview in addition to the evaluation of written proposals. Farm Commons anticipates selecting the top proposal in the last week of January, with the goal of entering into an agreement as soon as possible.