Buying farmland is an exciting and nerve-wracking endeavor, and usually involves forking over a significant chunk of change. Before you fork over your hard-earned cash, it’s a good idea to make sure you are thinking through the potential legal issues that may arise when purchasing a farm. To prevent problems from ever coming up, check out our free Farmland Purchasing Basics, a tip sheet taht offers tips on preventing the most common legal issues that can arise when purchasing farmland. You can also check out our free 30min. podcast, Podcast Episode One: Funds for Farms; it includes a discussion on options for farm loans and the legal risks associated with them.

If you are ready to dig deep into farmland purchasing, read our Legal Aspects of Purchasing and Financing Farmland (32pgs.), which explores financing strategies for purchasing land for your farm operation. You will learn the ins and outs of gifts, grants, crowdfunding, loans, mortgages, seller financing, investors, and land contracts, and the various related legal issues to be aware of with each of the strategies.