Venturing into value-added food products can help increase farm business profitability. However, it can also increase the number of rules and regulations you have to comply with. Check out our free resource, Value-added Product Legal Basics, for quick guidance on some of the most commonly asked questions about value-added considerations, from a legal lens. If your starting point is, “What can I do without getting any additional permits or licenses?” we have a resource for you. Browse the (admittedly, short) document on no-permit-needed activities titled Value-Added and Agritourism Without a License Basics. Although the latter has information specific to Minnesota and Wisconsin, the framework is similar to what farmers in any state may find.

If you are looking for more comprehensive information about the potential legal implications of adding value-added to your farm product repertoire, read our 26pg. print guide, Farmers’ Legal Guide to Value-Added Products. If listening or watching while you work is more your jam, check out our recorded webinar (1hr. 41min.), Add Value, Not Legal Liability.