No farmer wants their customers to get sick from food they produced. But, even the safest, most food safety conscious farmer can find themselves linked to a food safety incident. Check out our free resource, Managing Food Safety Liability Risk Basics, which answers the most frequently asked questions around food safety issues on the farm.

Also check out another free resource, Checklist for Managing Your Food Safety Liability, which identifies 12 key ways to manage food safety liability on your farm. One key strategy is to adopt and implement a food safety plan and to review it annually. You can also listen to our free 18min. Podcast Episode Eight: Let’s Have Lunch! For some food safety liability prevention tips including tips direct from farmers.

For more in-depth help with putting together a food safety plan on your farm, read out our more comprehensive Farmers’ Guide to Food Safety Liability. This resource includes an excellent checklist for managing your food safety liability, a “My Farm To Do List” which is a food safety action plan complete with notes and a timeline for accomplishing tasks, and a list of additional food safety resources. We also have two supplemental versions of the Farmers’ Guide to Food Safety Liability that include state-specific information about food safety laws. One is for farmers in Idaho, Montana and Washington: Farmers’ Guide to Food Safety Liability: ID, MT, and WA and the other is for farmers in Wisconsin: Farmers’ Guide to Food Safety Liability: WI.