When it comes to injuries to farm employees, you might be required to carry workers’ compensation. And, even if you’re not, you certainly want to make sure you have coverage for those injuries through a liability policy.

Are you new to the idea of workers’ compensation? Our free resource, Farm Insurance Basics, provides a helpful basic overview on workers compensation insurance, which you need to cover farm workers’ injuries. Also, hear directly from a labor law attorney on workers’ compensation insurance and what it’s all about and how it functions in a practical setting in our free 16min. Podcast Episode Seven: Got Coverage?

At the end of the day, however, you will need detailed information on whether and when your state mandates workers’ compensation coverage for farm employees. For that, head over to our Selected Essentials in Farm Employment Law for your state. If you aren’t required to carry workers’ compensation, make sure to consult our Managing Farm Risks with Insurance for perspective on liability policies that cover worker injuries. If you prefer to watch or listen, get the same information in Managing Your Farming Legal Risks with Insurance: A Farm Commons Tutorial.