Diversifying your farm operation by adding farm pizza night or goat yoga can be a great move, financially and otherwise, for your farm. But, it also can mean the additional headache of having to deal with more regulations. And with those regulations come…You guessed it – regulators. Regulators help determine how local, state, and federal regulations apply to your farm specifically… whether you’re asking for permission or begging for forgiveness.

Whether adding food processing, launching an agritourism event, or applying for a zoning permit, farmers and ranchers are wise to build successful and positive relationships with the folks that apply the rules.

We have some resources that can really help you build that relationship regulators, which can in turn ensure success for your new farm venture. Check out our free resource, Communicating with Regulators Basics, or for a deep dive into the subject at hand, read our 22pg. Farmers’ Guide to Working with Regulators. We help you understand how regulators approach their own work, their legal obligations, and how you can partner to ensure success for all involved.