So you want to turn your cucumbers into pickles? Or press your apples into cider? What if you want to make hard cider? Hmmm. Before you start picking and pressing, you best check a few issues…Our free resource, Value-Added Product Legal Basics, provides a quick overview of zoning and what that may mean for your value-added venture. If you’re starting point is, “What can I do without getting any additional permits or licenses?” we have a resource for you. Learn about up no-permit-needed activities in Value-Added and Agritourism Without a License Basics, which answers the question above. (Be forewarned, we didn’t need much space to answer it!) Although the latter tip sheet is specific to Minnesota and Wisconsin, it gives everyone a good idea of what to expect.

For more comprehensive information, review the Farmers’ Legal Guide to Value-Added Products. If video-based learning is better for you, watch Add Value, Not Legal Liability (101 min) and pick up the same information.