Sales agreements create predictability for direct-to-consumer farmers, and also provides accurate expectations for everyone, which is always important! Many farmers rely on the simple, effective combination of an availability sheet and invoice to lay out their terms and offerings. Our resource, Farmers’ Availability Sheets and Invoices Toolbox (21pgs.) will help you understand how to craft effective and enforceable sales agreements and procedures, and includes a Model Basic Sales Agreement, Model Availability Sheets and Model Invoices. These tools are easy opportunities to boost your legal resilience.

If listening or watching is more your style, check out our recorded webinar, Sales 1: Availability, Invoicing and Dispute Resolution with Food Buyers (1hr. 20) to learn about the availability sheets and invoices system for your direct-to-consumer farm. Discover how to more effectively use the documents and ordering system you likely already have in place. We also go over how to make sure you get paid, and what to do if things go wrong in the sales relationship.

For Wisconsin farmers, we have a guide that includes specific information about Wisconsin rules you will want to know about if you are selling at farmers markets. If this is you, check out Wisconsin Farmers’ Legal Guide to Direct-to-Consumer Produce Sales (14pgs.) to learn about the types of health and advertising claims farmers can and cannot make, as well as the basics on packaging, weighing, pricing, and other laws in selling produce directly to consumers. Note: While this resource is specifically geared to Wisconsin farmers, it is also helpful in understanding the types of regulations you might find in other states.