New Guide Empowers Businesses Interested in Sharing Risk in Value-Added Grain Markets

Can you imagine cost-effective risk management strategies that don’t solely fall on the producer …but instead share risk with the buyer? A forthcoming guide, Opportunities for Sharing Risk and Reward Across the Grain Supply Chain, written by Farm Commons in partnership with Artisan Grain Collaborative, explores these possibilities in detail.

This new guide offers concrete strategies that are in line with existing behavior and conventions and explores option like shared labor, buyer-supported insurance premiums, and shared capital financing for equipment. The focus is on  practical and implementable  strategies.

“This guide represents the best of what farmers and buyers can do together,” said Farm Commons Executive Director Rachel Armstrong. “It offers opportunities for a deep partnership beyond ‘you have buckwheat. I want to buy it.’ It supports mutuality within the food system and shows ways we can write our interconnectedness into solid agreements.”

Opportunities for Sharing Risk and Reward Across the Grain Supply Chain features five risk-sharing strategies that buyers and producers can implement in the near to mid-term: interactive worksheets, real-world scenarios, and practical discussion tips and will be available on the Artisan Grain Collaborative website later this year.

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