Our Legal Services program offers flat fee billing. With flat fee billing, we let you know upfront how much a service will cost so you can budget accurately. We also tell you exactly what to expect in terms of when we meet, decisions to be made, time for review of documents, and more.

This way, you can make sure you’re making the most of your investment by being ready and engaged at the right time. When everyone knows what gets done when, by whom, and how much it will cost, we’re on our way to success.

Just as our billing arrangements are unique, so is your situation. We can provide you with a flat fee proposal after we understand more about what you want to achieve. But for curiosity’s sake, here’s a sketch of how we generally approach drafting a farmland lease or governance document.

  1. You receive a questionnaire to complete. Some of the questions are straightforward while others are more detailed. We provide plenty of supplemental information that supports you in finding answers and making decisions.
  2. You send the questionnaire back to us and we review it.
  3. Then, we schedule a one-hour meeting to talk about any sticky issues, unclear responses, or areas where we think a little more information is necessary.
  4. We develop the questionnaire results into a lease agreement or governance document.
  5. Then, we schedule another one-hour meeting to go over the results. We explain the specific clauses and how they relate to your goals and needs.
  6. You have the opportunity to reflect more deeply on the resource we created, and to submit further questions, thoughts, or ideas.
  7. We spend one more hour arriving at the final version of your document together, and we conclude with a clear checklist of exact next steps including signing and filing, as desired.

If additional meeting time or effort is needed, we arrange for an hourly legal services agreement beyond the flat fee paid for the additional effort.