CFAP 2 – Get it Before it’s Gone!

Just a little reminder…The CFAP 2 (short for Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, Version 2.0) is coming to a close soon so get your application in before the December 11th deadline. As we mentioned in an earlier edition, CFAP 2 is far more promising for smaller, direct-to-consumer farmers than its earlier version was. The idea of CFAP is that it pays farmers for loss of revenues due to COVID (I’m so tired of saying that word!). But, the original version just wasn’t that worth it for a lot direct-to-consumer and specialty crop producers as many crops were excluded and the payout rates weren’t high enough to justify the time to fill out the application. But, CFAP2 brings more farmers into the fold, allowing a fixed $15/acre payment for grain, oilseed, hemp crops, plus a revenue-based payment for specialty crops, livestock and virtually all types of farm products. Applying farmers will not be required to submit documentation verifying sales and inventory, but they will need to retain these records in case of audit.

So get after it! Apply on the USDA’s website here and for more information on how to apply, see Farm Commons’ webinar on CFAP2, recorded earlier.