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Building a Legally Sound Intern and Volunteer Program for Farm Work

Broadcast Date: January 19, 2016
Chapter 1
Learn about Farm Commons and the agenda for this tutorial.
Chapter 2
Learn the true definition of an intern and if you can use interns on your farm. Learn about a recent court case that is shaking things up.
Chapter 3
How is an apprentice different from an intern? Can calling an employee an apprentice allow you to get out of minimum wage and Workers' Compensation requirements?
Chapter 4
Learn what qualifies as a volunteer for both for-profit and non-profit businesses.
Chapter 5
 In-Kind Wages
Providing lodging and housing to meet the minimum wage is allowed - but it's not without regulations! Get the scoop on providing lodging and meals as wages and how it can affect other laws that might apply to you.
Chapter 6
 Final Bits and Pieces
We finish up the tutorial with a brief discussion on online worker-share programs and bartering.

By now, most farmers are aware that doing farm work with interns and volunteers can be legally complicated, and many farms have faced steep fines for doing it wrong. But, all hope is not lost! Get ahead of the curve and learn ways to build a legally compliant intern or volunteer program for your farm. 

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