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COVID-Related Farm Law News

Remaining funding options. Well, the bad news is that the Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, is now closed for business - PPP stopped... Read More »

e8d766 NewsJune 16, 2020
COIVD Relief News

- Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Focus 
There’s so much cash left… When the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was introduced in early April, it... Read More »

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Hello Friends,
Our work at Farm Commons is all about supporting farmers in cultivating legal resilience for the farm business. With the devastating spread of COVID-19, the nature of farm business has been turned on its head. We know all you farmers are making quick and significant changes to your marketing channels, staff, food safety protocols, and more to stay... Read More »
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Farm Commons is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers farmers to create solutions to their business law needs, within a community of support. We do this by fostering education, leadership development, and community-based problem solving. We work as a small but mighty team of remote staff who wake up each day ready to empower sustainable farmers nationwide to build... Read More »

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We are welcoming a new part-time team member to join our close-knit group. The Legal and Community Research Associate Position offers individuals a powerful opportunity to remake farm business law as a force by and for our nation’s farmers, with a focus on the most innovative and direct to consumer operations. To build that future, we need someone with sharp legal research and community... Read More »

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For more information contact:
North Central Region - Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (NCR-SARE)

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