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Sales 2: Contracts for Planning Ahead of Production

Broadcast Date: March 01, 2016
Chapter 1
Meet Farm Commons and learn the agenda for today's tutorial.
Chapter 2
 Video - Please click link to view
Please paste this link into a separate browser window to view the video, "Contracts for Strong Sales Relationships," streamed during this portion of the tutorial: https://farmcommons.org/about/#videos
Chapter 3
 Contracts Overview
What is a contract, really, and does it have to be formal and in writing?
Chapter 4
 Legal Background
We explain why we keep saying "It depends," as well as what makes a contract enforceable.
Chapter 5
 Being Thorough
Learn what to elements to consider including when drafting a contract, including various options for ordering systems.
Chapter 6
Explore how to address changes, cancellations, and other contingencies that may occur. Discussion
Chapter 7
 Drafting Process
We put together what we've covered so far in a proposed contract drafting process
Chapter 8
 Contracts for Labor
Learn the different issues to consider when contracting for labor, instead of product.
Chapter 9
 Negotiating Tips
Pick up some tips and recommendations for negotiating a contract that meets your terms.
Chapter 10
 Going to Court
Explore what might happen if you end up in court for enforcement of your sales contract.
Chapter 11
 Food Safety and Sales
A brief discussion of how FSMA regulations could affect your sales contracts.
Chapter 12
 Insurance and Contracts
A few considerations for insurance coverage relating to sales

Some of the strongest, most resilient farm businesses sell all their product before they drop a single seed in the ground. Does contracting for sales ahead of your production sound good to you? View this tutorial to learn the legal ins and outs of these relationships. We will explore the unique sales arrangements farmers are creating such as selling their labor or services, as well as participating in priority systems for sales. These new structures require a new type of contract. In this tutorial, we will go through the process of developing a contract for production services and how to build strong sales relationships that fall outside of the traditional buyer-seller format.

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