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Michigan: Make Employment Law Work for Your Farm

Broadcast Date: March 29, 2016
Chapter 1
Meet Farm Commons and learn what we will (and won't) be covering in this tutorial.
Chapter 2
 Independent Contractors
Explore when a worker can be considered an independent contractor in MI
Chapter 3
 Minimum Wage
Explore if your farm owes the minimum wage in MI
Chapter 4
 Wage Payment and Overtime
Learn about scheduling requirements for wage payments as well as if you owe your farm employees overtime wages.
Chapter 5
 Workers' Compensation
We go over the basics of WC and if you are required to purchase it.
Chapter 6
We review both federal and state tax obligations for the farmer in MI

Employment law can be incredibly complex, and especially so for the diversified farm. Employment laws also can vary greatly by state. This Michigan-specific tutorial will break down employment law concerns such as minimum wage, workers’ compensation and overtime, independent contractors, and more. This tutorial can still be helpful for learning the framework of employment law and the federal regulations that apply, even if you do not operate within Michigan.

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