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Managing Your Farming Legal Risks with Insurance: A Farm Commons Tutorial

Broadcast Date: May 16, 2018
Chapter 1
 Creating a Risk Assessment for Your Farm
This process will help you identify what you are willing to insure.
Chapter 2
 Property Insurance
Find out what property insurance options are best for your farm.
Chapter 3
 Crop and Livestock Insurance
Learn about the Whole Farm Crop Insurance program and other crop and livestock insurance options.
Chapter 4
 Injury Liability Insurance
This chapter covers injuries to customers, guests, and insurance options for workers: including employees, interns, and volunteers working on your farm.
Chapter 6
 Insurance for Your Injuries
Be sure to consider insurance coverage for your own injuries. This section provides an overview of your options.

This interactive tutorial assists farmers in understanding and prioritizing the specific legal risks and insurance needs for their farms. Have a pen and paper ready, as you’ll have the opportunity to develop an action plan to get the best insurance coverage to match your specific needs. The tutorial covers key aspects of four core insurance categories for farms: (1) property insurance, including structures and equipment, (2) crop and livestock insurance, (3) liability for worker injuries, and (4) liability for other injuries, including guests and farm owners. The tutorial is full of practical tips and can help guide you through the process of evaluating and obtaining the best coverage for your farm operation. It can be watched in its entirety or by section.


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