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Insurance for the Farm: Policies and Principles to Efficiently Manage Risk

Broadcast Date: December 22, 2015
Chapter 1
Who we are, and what we will cover in this presentation. To watch the video referenced in this section, please go to https://farmcommons.org/about#videos
Chapter 2
 The basics
Learn the basics principles of insurance and meet our hypothetical farmers
Chapter 3
What kind of insurance can help you in the case of property damage, and what might it cover?
Chapter 4
 Injuries to Farm Customers/Guests
What happens if a guest or customer gets injured on your farm? What can insurance do for you in this case, and which policy would be the best?
Chapter 5
 Non-Farm Injuries
What happens if an injury occurs that is not directly related to farm activities? Learn why this is different from other injuries and how insurance can play an important role in this scenario.
Chapter 6
 Off-farm injuries
Don't assume that your general farm policy covers injuries that occur off the farm! We explain why, and what options are available.
Chapter 7
 Umbrella Policies
A quick explanation of what an umbrella policy sis (and is not!). We also learn what our hypothetical farmer, Penny, decides to do regarding insurance for her operation.
Chapter 8
 Employee Injuries
We cover your options for coverage in the case of an employee injury, including workers' compensation requirements.
Chapter 9
 Farmer Injury
We don't like to think about it, but sometimes the farmer herself gets injured on the job. What are your options for insurance coverage?
Chapter 10
 Crop and Livestock
We discuss some of the crop and insurance options available for the diversified farm.

We all know that in farming, things don’t always go as we expect. Insurance is our best first line of defense, but the options can be overwhelming! In this tutorial we will cover common insurance options and how to navigate them to find the right policy for your farm. We will answer questions such as: What’s a farm liability policy and is it the same as a property/casualty policy? How does it work with a homeowner’s policy? Is workers’ compensation required and how does it work? When do I need to look into getting a commercial policy? What are affordable crop insurance options for the sustainable farm? This tutorial will help you better understand the risks you are taking in your farm business and how to best manage them.

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