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Food Safety Liability and Regulations: FSMA and Beyond

Broadcast Date: February 02, 2016
Chapter 1
Learn about Farm Commons and what we will (and will not) be covering in today's tutorial.
Chapter 2
 Personal Injury Liability
Learn about some of the ways people could get sick on the farm and how farmers can manage those risks.
Chapter 3
 Help spread the word about Farm Commons!
Learn ways to help Farm Commons reach more farmers around the country.
Chapter 4
 Contract Obligations
Contract often include clauses for indemnification and breaches. Learn more about these obligations and what steps you can take manage them.
Chapter 5
How a product recall can play out and how you can prepare.
Chapter 6
 State and Federal laws and Regulations
Learn how state laws can impact your farm products, whether processed or unprocessed. Also hear about federal food regulations outside of FSMA that could impact your operation.
Chapter 7
A brief summary of what we've covered so and the action steps mentioned throughout the tutorial.
Chapter 8
 FSMA - Overview
What FSMA is, and what this tutorial can and cannot help you learn about it,.
Chapter 9
 FSMA - Produce Rule
What is the "Produce Rule", does it apply to your farm, and what is the timeline for implementation?
Chapter 10
 FSMA - Preventative Controls Rule
What is the "Preventative Controls Rule", does it apply to your farm, and what is the timeline for implementation?
Chapter 11
 FSMA - Further Questions
Learn where you can go to learn more about FSMA

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has been the talk of the town these past few years. The final regulations are out, so join us as we dive in and figure out what they mean for your farm business. We will also be discussing food safety beyond FSMA, including how food safety incidents play out and how to protect yourself. 

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