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Sales Contracts for Farm Produce: Why and How

Broadcast Date: February 02, 2015
Chapter 1
Who we are and what we will cover in today's webinar.
Chapter 2
 Goals and Process
We review what the goals are of developing sales contracts, and outline the basic process for doing so.
Chapter 3
 Change Order Problems
Our recommendations for thinking through potential issues with order changes.
Chapter 4
 Quality or Quantity Dispute Problems
Proactive steps you can take to put procedures into place.
Chapter 5
 Customer Ignorance Causes Problems
What can you do to make sure your customer has accurate and realistic expectations?
Chapter 6
 Wally Czajkowski - Plainville Farm
Hear a cautionary tale about sales contracts coming from a farmer in the Farm Commons community.
Chapter 7
 Late or Non Payment
Payment can be a big issue, especially when selling to restaurants or working with new buyers. Discover ways to ensure you get paid for what you produce.
Chapter 8
 Drafting the Sales Contract
Some more tips for putting together a clear and effective sales contract.
Chapter 9
 Additional Laws and Regulations
Learn about some laws and regulations that may affect sales. We also touch on mediation programs.
Chapter 10
 Pre-Written Contracts
Sometimes you don't get to write your own contract. Understanding legal language used in contracts, food safety obligations, and some negotiation tactics.
Chapter 11
 Final Q&A
We answer questions from our webinar attendees.

Everyone loves local food! Consumers, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and child care facilities are buying more and more product. No matter the size of the buyer, a good relationship between buyer and farmer is key to making these sales profitable over the long-term. The right sales agreement -- a written one that addresses ordering, cancellation, and payment terms -- can help keep everyone happy. Learn how and why farmers should pay attention to the "terms" of their sales and strongly consider writing down sales agreements.

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