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Put Your CSA On Strong Legal Footing

Broadcast Date: December 09, 2015
Chapter 1
Who are the folks behind Farm Commons, and what we will be covering in this webinar
Chapter 2
Have you ever heard of a CSA farm that fails to give their customers any product? Find out how to shape expectations and defend yourself in court, if need be.
Chapter 3
 Member/Shareholder Agreements
The basics of what you should include in a member/shareholder agreement.
Chapter 4
 Drop-Site Issues
Learning about what happens in the case of an injury occurring at a drop-site, as well as potential zoning issues and how you can handle them.
Chapter 5
We answer questions from our webinar attendees.
Chapter 6
 Trading/Buying In Product
Buying in product has legal implications. Learn about FDA and upcoming FSMA regulations that may apply.
Chapter 7
 Worker Shares, Interns, and Employees
Get clear on what happens in the case of an injury to someone working on your farm, and what your liability might be.
Chapter 8
 On-Farm Events and Festivals
Ensure that your farm events are legally secure: Insurance, zoning, food safety and permits.
Chapter 9
 Final Q&A
We wrap up with the final questions from our attendees.

CSA is an incredibly unique relationship between farmer and customer. But, this means it also has unique legal dynamics. CSA farmers who critically analyze their membership agreement, drop sites, and farm event programs beforehand set themselves up for success. Learn how an attorney sees CSA and what you can do to protect your farm. This tutorial will also discuss risks with farm volunteer programs and buying the right insurance. This tutorial was funded by USDA Risk Management Agency.


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