For many, sharing the farm’s products and providing housing is a compelling way to supplement the wages of the farm’s workers. But, these opportunities have the potential to mislead employer and employee. So, the law has stepped in with detailed regulations to make sure everyone is protected. When paying farm workers in part or in whole with food products, housing, or anything else of value, we need to pay attention to detailed regulations of these “in-kind wages.”

Legal obligations don’t have to stifle creative ways to compliment the farm’s workforce! With a clear idea of exactly what is required and when, we can find ways to build encompassing resilience for the farm and its workers, together.

Join us for a webinar that focuses on easy-to-understand action steps and clear explanations. Folks will walk away knowing exactly what steps to take next to address their own in-kind wage program. This webinar covers federal law and highlights the state specific nuances for Minnesota and Wisconsin producers. Farmers and ranchers from any state will benefit as federal law affects everyone. Our state specific examples illuminate the nuances and empower farmers everywhere to research their own situation.

Tues, January 25, 2022
2pm Eastern / 1pm Central / Noon Mountain / 11am Pacific
60 minutes

This webinar is free for members and non-members alike. Only members will have access to the recorded version for later viewing, however.