Did you know that when a farmer starts drying herbs for tea or turning elderberries into syrup, the farm’s employment law rules change? It’s true! The farm is also potentially subject to different food safety rules as well as different zoning/land use rules. Attend this webinar to make sure you aren’t caught off-guard. We’ll help you navigate the important legal transition point between growing herbal ingredients and making herbal/botanical products. Our webinars empower you to make decisions and take steps to build your resilience. We’ll also save ample time for your questions at the end.



Botanical Product Regulations and Health Claims Rules

Understand who regulates botanical products (like teas, salves, and syrups), what they expect from you, and the types of health claims you can safely make.


Labeling and Liability Legal Issues for Botanical Products

Make sure your botanical products aren't creating additional liability and labeling claims risk exposure for your farm or business with this webinar.