A farm employee manual is rarely, if ever, required – in other words, you won’t get into any legal trouble if you don’t have one– however, it can set you up for success in employee management. It can also help prevent legal trouble down the line. An employee manual is an incredibly useful tool for improving workplace communication and day-to-day operations. If you have farm employees, take a big step towards legal resilience with a good employee manual.

Farm Commons has a resource to help! Check out our Model Farm Employee Manual (13pgs). This print guide includes a model employee manual with helpful explanations about why to include and how to adapt each provision in the model manual.

A clear, consistently applied employee manual is a key part of avoiding discrimination in all aspects of employee management. For more guidance on the importance of avoiding discrimination and the role of an employee manual, please read our guide Avoiding Discrimination in Employment for Farm and Ranch Businesses (30pgs).

An employee manual that includes offenses that result in immediate termination, the processes for corrective action, and clear disciplinary procedures is also important in managing unemployment insurance claims. Learn more about this in the Model Farm Employee Manual and head to the Selected Essentials in Farm Employment Law for Your State guide (10pgs) to discover if if your farm is required to participate in unemployment insurance.

If you need a screen break, consider listening to our podcast episode, Unlock the Potential of a Farm Employee Handbook (35min).