Access to land is challenging for most farmers, but for farmers from socially disadvantaged and BIPOC communities, getting onto farmland is full of even more obstacles. Discriminatory lending practices, problems with “heirs property” and racially targeted zoning laws are just some of the remnants of slavery still cropping up in the American land use system. Given these challenges, how can we all work together to improve land access for farmers from these communities?

First learn more about this critical topic, then take action! Start with watching our webinar Practicalities and Realities in Farmland Law Session 2 of 2. This webinar was originally created as part of a two-part series for agricultural service providers, but it is also just as helpful for farmers themselves. Part 2 of this series explores right of first refusal and option to purchase agreements, conservation Easements, and social justice and non-traditional land access strategies in three hours. The social justice section is in the second hour (starting at around 1hr.2min.). Start there to hear from Kathy Ruff from Land for Good and Rachel Armstrong from Farm Commons, as they dig into social justice and land access, and explore non-traditional strategies for advancing social justice for farmers.