When it comes to a lease termination, farmers may need to act quickly to protect their rights. Seek the advice of an experienced attorney licensed to practice in your state as soon as possible. Our educational materials are not a substitute for the advice of a qualified attorney in a time-sensitive and nuanced issue like the termination (or non-renewal) of a farm or ranchland lease, where much is often at stake.

Any farmer who leases or is considering leasing farmland may at some point fear the owner will suddenly decide to end the lease early. It’s an ill-fated story that unfortunately happens. What, if anything, can the farmer do? If you are in this situation, or want to make sure you don’t end up in this situation, we have a helpful resource for you. Read our free Farmland Lease Termination Basics tipsheet, which offers you guidance. You will learn how to prevent a landowner from unexpectedly terminating the lease and what steps to take if it happens. Note: This tipsheet focuses on Wisconsin and Minnesota farmland leasing laws, but the general principles are useful to farmers in other states. We are busy creating material for all 50 states.