You’ve heard the horror stories. High winds rip high tunnels to shreds. Freak snowstorm knocks down pole barn. Wildfire burns all of the structures on the farm including the beautiful, historic barn. The damage to the farm structures and equipment you’ve toiled to build and repair is itself is a tragedy hard to stomach. But then, when you find out there was no insurance to cover the damage, this is a second awful blow.

How do you make sure you’re not left out in the cold? You get educated and get the right insurance. We can help. Our free resource, Farm Insurance Basics, provides a basic overview on property insurance for your farm. In another free resource, Podcast Episode Seven: Got Coverage?, you can hear directly from an experienced farmer about property damage coverage and how critical it is to the farm business.

You can also learn about insuring farm property in Managing Farm Risks With Insurance, our 34pg. print guide, or if listening or watching is more your jam, check out Managing Your Farming Legal Risks with Insurance: A Farm Commons Tutorial, which includes a module on property insurance, including farm structures and equipment.