If you’re scratching your head wondering, “What in the world are Cottage Food Laws?” and picturing people in the 1800s rolling out dough and cooking soup in giant cauldrons over a wood burning stove, you’re not alone. Cottage food laws sound quaint and cute but in reality, they refer to the different laws each state has (or doesn’t have) regarding when people can make food in their home kitchens for sale to others without the usual, thorough rules that accompany each state’s food code. This is a changing landscape, with many people pushing for “Food Freedom Laws” and getting up to speed on these laws can be a real challenge.

For an understanding of cottage food and “Food Freedom” laws, check out our free 18min. Podcast Episode Eight: Let’s Have Lunch! Also, because these laws are constantly being updated, it can be challenging to get current information.

We recommend contacting your local Extension agent for the latest detailed information on your state’s cottage food laws as well as local administration of any permits necessary.