Leasing is an increasingly common method of accessing farmland and now about 40% of farmers operate their businesses on land that they lease rather than own. While leasing can be a more affordable way to access land, it also comes with its potential pitfalls, given the uneven power dynamics between renter and landowner. Without the right precautions in place, farmers can lack land security, which can be detrimental to their farm business success. Agricultural service providers are often called upon to assist farmers and ranchers who are either looking to lease land or who run into issues on land that they are already leasing. It can be difficult for providers to feel confident in offering any meaningful help.

Fortunately we have a resource for ag service providers that will increase confidence and provide useful tools to support the farmers that you work with. You can watch the leasing section of our webinar Practicalities and Realities in Farmland Law Session 1 of 2. This originally was a two-part online course for ag service providers that was a collaboration between Farm Commons and Land for Good, but it is now on offer to all Farm Commons members. Start watching at 2hrs.13min. to hear Kathy Ruff from Land for Good and then Rachel Armstrong from Farm Commons discuss the practical and legal aspects of farmland leasing, and get tips on how ag service providers can lend a meaningful hand to figuring out these leasing conundrums.