Purchasing farmland can be the ultimate in land security. However, affording the purchase can be extremely challenging, especially in an era where the high costs of farmland puts it out of most beginning farmers’ reach. Even where a farmer can afford the purchase, they can get themselves in a pickle if they take on more debt than they can chew…Agricultural service providers are often called upon to assist farmers and ranchers as they navigate the purchase of of farmland, but it can be difficult for providers to feel confident in offering any meaningful help.

Fortunately we have a resource for ag service providers that will increase confidence and provide useful tools to support the farmers in their financing journey. You can watch the financing section of our webinar Practicalities and Realities in Farmland Law Session 1 of 2. This originally was a two-part online course for ag service providers that was a collaboration between Farm Commons and Land for Good, but it is now on offer to all Farm Commons members. Start watching at 1hr.13min. to hear Kathy Ruff from Land for Good and then Rachel Armstrong from Farm Commons discuss the practical and legal aspects of farmland financing, and get tips on how ag service providers can lend a meaningful hand to figuring out farm financing. Their discussion explores topics including financial readiness, different options for financing farmland, the ins and outs of mortgages and alternative financing such as seller financing, land contracts and crowdfunding.