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Making Employment Law Work For Your Farm

Broadcast Date: February 03, 2015
Chapter 1
Meet Farm Commons and learn what we will (and will not) cover in this tutorial.
Chapter 2
 Independent Contractors
Learn how to properly identify independent contractors, and what the repercussions might be in misclassifying an employee.
Chapter 3
 Minimum Wage
How to know if you have to pay it, and what a "man day" really is.
Chapter 4
 Ariel Pressman, Seed to Seed LLC
Hear from a member of a farming community on his best practices for recruiting, interviewing, and employee manuals.
Chapter 5
 Minimum Wage & Overtime
Get clarification on agricultural exemptions from minimum wage. Learn about overtime for ag employees.
Chapter 6
 Workers' Compensation
What it is, why it exists, and what it costs.
Chapter 7
We answer questions from our audience on employment topics covered so far.
Chapter 8
 Employee Manuals
Learn why, when, and how to use an employee manual.
Chapter 9
 Paperwork & Recordkeeping
Learn what your obligations might be including pay stubs, time cards, and certificates for work crews.
Chapter 10
Learn more about federal and state taxes for employees.
Chapter 11
 Final Q&A
We take final questions from our listeners and wrap up the tutorial.

Employment law is probably the single most complex legal concern for farmers. Especially for the diversified farm, navigating farm and non-farm employment law is no walk in the park. This tutorial will break down federal minimum wage, workers’ compensation and overtime, plus migrant worker laws. (They apply to more than just migrant workers!) Independent contractors, employment manuals, injury liability, tax obligations and a host of other concerns round out the discussion. Checklists and flowcharts will help make the process easy.

CORRECTION: Please note, this presentation contains a legal error in Chapter 6: Workers' Compensation. For Wisconsin, a farmer must purchase workers' compensation when he or she has 6 or more workers in the current calendar year (not the previous year). Insurance must be purchased within 10 days of the 20th day of work. We regret the error.

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