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Introduction to Sustainable Farm Law

Broadcast Date: December 15, 2015
Chapter 1
Learn about Farm Commons and what we will be covering in this webinar.
Chapter 2
How can a strong lease prevent problems from happening and keep you out of court?
Chapter 3
Protect both your business and your relationships by developing a written partnership agreement.
Chapter 4
Learn why insurance is your best risk management strategy, as well as some of the policy options available.
Chapter 5
 Selling Product
How to use traditional and non traditional sales contracts to communicate with and get commitment from your buyers.
Chapter 6
A brief discussion of working independent contractors and what happens in the case of an employee injury.

Beginning farmers will get an overview of the many legal issues to be aware of when starting out. This tutorial serves as an introduction to the legal subjects that Farm Commons covers in our tutorials and guides. We will touch on questions such as: What business entity should a farmer choose? Which insurance policies are really important? What are the essential points to cover in a farmland lease? ….And so much more!

Beginning Farmer

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