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Hosting Safe, Legally Secure Farm Events

Broadcast Date: January 05, 2015
Chapter 1
Who we are, our approach, and what we will cover in this webinar
Chapter 2
What zoning issues you might run into, and how you can manage them.
Chapter 3
 Richard Lee - Tender Soles Farm
Hear from one of our guest farmer speakers about his experiencing engaging the community with on-farm events
Chapter 4
Considerations about what accommodations might be required for your event and other legal obligations that may apply
Chapter 5
Legal issues to consider when serving food.
Chapter 6
We answer some questions about the material covered so far in the webinar.
Chapter 7
Inevitability, event-goers get injured. . Our recommendations for managing that risk.
Chapter 8
 Stacey Denton - Blue Moon Stables
Our second guest speaker speaks about her challenges and successes in turning her farm into an agritourism venue.
Chapter 9
 Event Fees
Considerations if you are charging a fee for your event.
Chapter 10
Learn what you do if there will be animals present at your event.
Chapter 11
 Final Q&A
We answer the final questions about farm events from our webinar attendees.

On-farm events are a great way to build support in the community. And, they’re a lot of fun! But as the saying goes, it’s only fun until someone loses an eye. Make sure your farm isn’t left with the short end of the stick after a good-intentioned event goes bad. From zoning compliance to guest injuries and serving prepared food, we’ll work through a checklist of things a farm should address before hosting an event.


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