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Going In-Depth With CSA Farm Law

Broadcast Date: February 24, 2015
Chapter 1
Meet Farm Commons and learn what we will cover in this tutorial.
Chapter 2
 Drop/Pick-up Sites
Learn what issues can arise, and how you can protect your farm business.
Chapter 3
 Choice or Market CSA's
These are excellent options for providing CSA customers with flexibility, but it's important to understand what laws may apply.
Chapter 4
 CSA and Securities Law
How may securities law apply to your CSA?
Chapter 5
 CSA's and SNAP
Some basic guidelines for accepting Food Stamps at your CSA.
Chapter 6
 Multi-Farm CSA's
Hear problems, solutions, and success stories of this model.
Chapter 7
 CSA's as Associations
Innovation and creative ways to get work done can have legal implications.
Chapter 8
We wrap up by answering questions from the tutorial attendees.

In this tutorial, farmers will get in-depth tools to move forward on managing sales, drop-site, volunteer, and worker share matters. We’ll also discuss some of the more unique CSA programs like farmers’ market pre-pay programs and multi-farm cooperative CSAs. Farmers who’ve already attended one of Farm Commons’ basic CSA law programs will get a lot out of this advanced session.


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