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Food Safety Liability And Regulations For The Farm

Broadcast Date: January 20, 2015
Chapter 1
Who we are, our agenda for this webinar, and some food safety stories in the news.
Chapter 2
 Personal Injury Liability
What happens in the case of a food safety outbreak. The concept of negligence, and insurance options.
Chapter 3
 Contract Breach
Explore the implications of a contract-based lawsuit
Chapter 4
Learn strategies to help prevent and manage a recall situation.
Chapter 5
 State and Federal Laws and Regulations
Learn about state and federal laws that relate to food safety
Chapter 6
We sum up what we've covered so far in the webinar.
Chapter 7
 Food Safety Modernization Act
Learn more about the upcoming FSMA regulations and how they might affect your operation.
Chapter 8
We wrap up with questions from our webinar attendees.

We’ve been hearing all about the upcoming regulations under the Food Safety Modernization Act. But, as important as it is, farm liability for food safety goes beyond this new law. A food safety incident has potentially disastrous implications for any direct-to-consumer farmer. We’ll talk about how a food safety incident plays out, from lawsuits to recalls and contract breaches. Most importantly, we’ll talk about ways to protect farmers.

Covers: Personal injury liability, contract breach, recalls, state laws and regulations, federal laws and regulations. Small emphasis on FSMA.

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