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Farmland Leases Built to Last: Content and Legal Context

Broadcast Date: January 19, 2015
Chapter 1
Who we are, what we will cover in this webinar, and a tale of 2 farmers.
Chapter 2
 Lease Basics
What is a lease, really? Does it matter if it is verbal vs. written?
Chapter 3
 Lease Creation Process
Our recommendations for how to go about writing a lease.
Chapter 4
 Lease Content
What should your lease include?
Chapter 5
 Kevin Wolf - Midwest Agriculture Restoration Services, LLC
Hear a reality-based perspective from our guest speaker on what it's like to go through the lease-writing process.
Chapter 6
 Lease Legaleze
Understanding legal terminology for leases.
Chapter 7
We answer questions from our webinar attendees.
Chapter 8
 Changing ownership
Learn what might happen if the land you are leasing changes ownership
Chapter 9
 Lease Breach
What happens if one of the parries does not hold up his/her end of the bargain?
Chapter 10
 Long-Term Lease Issues
Discover some problems that might come up in the case of a long-term lease
Chapter 11
 Final Considerations
We share a list of lease resources, some special considerations for beginning farmers and residential leases, and concluding tips.
Chapter 11
 Final Q&A
We take final questions from attendees and wrap up.

Leasing farmland is so commonplace farmers may not think twice about the lease itself… until things go wrong. Don’t let misunderstandings with landowners hinder your farm. Prevent problems with a strong lease that addresses water usage, equipment access, payment strategies, dispute resolution procedures, long-term concerns, and termination processes, plus more. Negotiating tactics and various laws affecting farmland leases will be on the agenda.

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