Farmer Education Associate Position Announcement

Please consider joining our team as our new Farmer Education Associate!

Farmer Education Associate Position Announcement

(This position is an adaptation of and replaces the Legal Education Associate position.)

About us:

Farm Commons is eager to welcome a Farmer Education Associate to our team! Farm Commons is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers farmers and ranchers to create solutions to their business law needs, within a community of support. Our team members wake up each day ready to redefine how sustainable farm businesses manage their legal risks and opportunities. We are proud of our sought-after expertise, excellent resources, strong reputation, and authentic success in reducing legal risk for sustainable farmers nationwide. We are ready to add a Farmer Education Associate to help us expand our library of useful new materials for producers nationwide.

Please consider joining us in this powerful opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of and ranchers nationwide. Working together, we can create incredibly useful educational materials that help agricultural producers manage their legal risks.

About you:

You are a person who can translate complex material into straightforward action steps. You follow that up with the vital ability to identify key resources folks needs to implement those action steps. You can use your technical skills to create multi-media material that brings your material to life. You have honed skills in using education to empower, not just transferring information to, busy business owners.

Does this sound like your skill set? If so, please keep reading because we would love to consider you for our team.

About the role:

As a successful Farmer Education Associate, you’re able to efficiently handle all aspects of educational product development in collaboration with colleagues, advisors, and producers themselves. Your day to day work will be production of the resources, ranging from print guides, blog posts and newsletters, videos, online workshops, podcasts and social media content. As an associate, you will provide valuable input into the consensus-based decision making around the design and form of our educational materials, reporting to the Education Program Manager.

You do not have to have knowledge of farm law to be considered for this position, and no preference will be given to candidate with a JD degree. In our experience, law school training can be a hindrance to creating effective educational materials for a non-attorney audience. Candidates with a JD degree will need to show success in educating a non-attorney audience to receive consideration.

As a successful Farmer Education Associate you will achieve the following:

  • Develop educational resources that meet specific goals for the adoption of specific practices by the target audience, such as guides, tip sheets, podcasts, videos, workshops, online classes, and social media content;
  • Increase the knowledge of farm and ranch businesses nationwide in a diversity of legal subjects by producing educational resources (referenced above) that meet specific goals for comprehension of curricular objectives;
  • Implement programs and techniques designed to ensure producers from diverse backgrounds (educational, geographic, and language spoken) have equitable access to empowerment through our educational resources;
  • Contribute to the development of participatory legal education as a concept by implementing programs that collectively generate and disseminate knowledge within the community being served.

To achieve the above goals, you will engage in the following work:

  • Carry out development of materials that support the implementation of the above-identified action steps such as writing and delivering presentations, drafting and editing guides, producing podcast episodes, and designing infographic-style material. 70%
  • Participate in a team to develop practical, action-oriented, feasible steps that enable farmers and ranchers (as well as their professional support teams) to reduce legal risk and leverage legal opportunities; 10%
  • Manage our entire resource collection by maintaining accurate records on all our educational materials; 5%
  • Facilitate participation in our online workshops by managing attendee/registration lists, trouble-shooting, and audience participation; 5%
  • Assist with project reporting, documentation, evaluation, and development of continued funding. 4%
  • Coordinate distribution of our resources on the Farm Commons website including uploading resources, assisting with resource descriptions, and all associated data; 2%
  • Conduct processes for gathering stakeholder input into materials/deliverables, including gathering input from partners, and farmer/rancher participants; Incorporate stakeholder feedback into final resources; 2%
  • Coordinate with the Communications Manager and Education Program Director regarding distribution of and outreach surrounding educational product release; 2%

The following qualifications will position you for success as our Farm Education Associate:

  • Proven skill in adult education and implementation of best practices for virtual and in-person educational environments;
  • Experience creating educational resources from source documents including research reports, technical memos, and analytical documents;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including the ability to synthesize complex content into simple, straightforward form and communicate it to others;
  • Experience managing WordPress or other content/customer management system;
  • Experience in video and podcast recording and editing as well as graphic design programs such as Adobe InDesign;
  • Experience with online teaching platforms and online course creation;
  • Dedication to agricultural and sustainable farming communities;
  • Proven ability to take initiative in carrying out goal-focused and results-oriented programs with limited oversight;
  • Excellent organizational skills including ability to assemble and maintain record-keeping systems and standard operating procedures;
  • Candidates with Spanish language fluency will receive priority consideration. The Farmer Education Associate requires communication with colleagues, partners, and members of the community in English.

This position has no degree requirement.

We suggest an experience level of 2-4 years conducting educational programming to be a competitive candidate.

We welcome candidates that are currently running, or have in the past ran, an agricultural business. A farmer or rancher who has led successful educational programming for their peers will be a competitive candidate, regardless of educational background.


Workplace Hours and Facilities

Our work necessitates consistent and high-speed access to the internet at your work location. You may work from any location that permits the successful achievement of the position objectives to include regular appearances on camera and recording audio visual material without distraction. Availability during standard business hours within a time zone of the continental United States is required. That being said, you are not required to be available for every business hour within your time zone; work schedules that include evening/weekend work are allowed.

Workplace Culture

Success in this role requires the ability to thrive in a very small organization that is entirely remote. This means there is often little concrete direction provided aside from a clear objective and suggested avenues to meet it. Each team member operates with little oversight while initiating coordination and collaboration, without hesitation. We cultivate an emotionally intelligent environment where colleagues are supported in understanding and conveying their needs.

Flexibility is an essential component of working in a small and highly innovative organization. Farm Commons is unique. We, as a team, work hard to manifest the currently-unimaginable. This is a creative position. As is common in creative and innovative ventures, things rarely go as planned. We depend on each team member being able to see the big picture, communicate about progress towards it, express needs and issues, and adapt quickly as visions evolve into reality. Our work is a journey to a destination that takes shape only as we move towards it together.

The Farmer Education Associate receives the following regarding salary, benefits, and compensation:

  • An annual salary of $57,000 at a 40 hour workweek, which may be scaled downward to a 32 hour per week position for the right candidate. This position is exempt from overtime. As a matter of equity, we post the exact salary – it is not open for negotiation and is transparent to all staff and the public;
  • 10 vacation days, 5 sick days, and 8 paid holidays per year, plus an 8-day winter holiday break. Full time employees (32 hours per week or more) may also take paid time off at the equivalent of a half-day per week between Memorial Day and Labor Day;
  • Health insurance reimbursement in the amount of $250 per month;
  • SIMPLE IRA eligibility with employer match at 3%;
  • Stipend for technology upgrades and office furniture;
  • Reimbursement of $40 per month for internet services.

Commitment to Equity

We strive to create an equitable hiring process that allows strong candidates to shine. To assist us in creating a fair process, we ask all candidates to apply by completing a short form, linked here with URL pasted below. Applications will only be accepted through this form and will not be accepted via email or other platform.

This form requests that a resume and cover letter be uploaded as a single PDF file. Please use the resume and cover letter as an opportunity to explain how you meet the desired qualifications above. Cover letters may exceed one page. References and work samples will be sought from candidates who advance to an interview. We are on a tight timeline and hope to move quickly through screening and interviewing but do not have a specific timeline. We are hopeful that the right candidate will be able to begin work quickly.

The application form will send a confirmation email upon successful submission to your email.

The deadline for priority consideration is January 24, 2022 at midnight, Pacific. Submissions made after that time may be considered- if the application link is still open, candidates may continue to apply. We are very busy at this time and apologize if we are unable to respond to requests for a phone consultation.


Farm Commons is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We value diverse perspectives among our staff. We work to create hiring processes that eliminate barriers to full and fair consideration. Candidates are assessed on the basis of their potential to succeed in contributing to our mission and as a member of our team without regard to race, gender, disability, or other protected class. We encourage diverse candidates to apply.