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Farm Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, S Corps, C Corps, and Coops: Which? Why? How?

Broadcast Date: February 23, 2015
Chapter 1
Who we are and what we will cover in this tutorial.
Chapter 2
Is a nonprofit right for you? Explore what is possible under this entity.
Chapter 3
 Sole Proprietorship/Partnership
The pros and cons of this popular entity option for farmers.
Chapter 4
We answer questions about material covered up to this point.
Chapter 5
 LLCs and S Corporations
These entities provide coverage for personal assets, but there are other factors to take into account.
Chapter 6
Rachel answers more questions from our attendees.
Chapter 7
 C Corporations and Cooperatives
Explore profit distribution and other considerations for these 2 entities.
Chapter 8
 Annual Duties and Documents
Learn what obligations you may have, no matter which entity you choose.

Many farms operate as a sole proprietorship but growing numbers of farmers are choosing an LLC instead. Learn what an LLC or corporation can and cannot do to protect the farm business. A solid business entity also needs managing paperwork. Learn what an operating agreement or bylaws can do for the farm and what to write into them. We’ll also discuss options for cooperative ventures, entity structures to pass on the farm business, and some tax aspects of business entities.

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