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Farm Commons Website: A User's Guide

Broadcast Date: September 09, 2015
Chapter 1
Introduction to the tutorial and an explanation of why we made these changes to our website and system.
Chapter 2
 Website tour
Learn the general lay-of-the-land of the website.
Chapter 3
 Accounts and passwords
How to create a user account and help with password setting and re-setting.
Chapter 4
 Accessing resources
How to download print materials from the site and how to use your "shopping cart".
Chapter 5
 Watch a tutorial
Learn how to watch a video tutorial - either immediately, or save it for later.
Chapter 6
We wrap up the tutorial and explain where you can go with further questions.

This brief tutorial is a walk-through of the Farm Commons upgraded website. It will take you through how to create an account on the site, re-set your password, and access our various resources. If, after watching the video, you still have questions about the website or your account, please email us at info@farmcommons.org and we will do our best to answer your question. 

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